Powerful Advisory Board for Formula Eindhoven

A Formula E race is more than a sports event. It is the sporting example of sustainability and the role that technology has in it. The racing class is the nursery for innovation in the field of mobility that is future proof. In addition to the sporting aspect of the race, there are several topics that are important for Stichting Formula Eindhoven. Sustainability, technology but also private-public collaborations and international coalitions receive attention in the programmes that the foundation intends to launch. It is therefore with great pride that the foundation can call on the knowledge and experience of the recently appointed Advisory Board. Peter-Paul Laumans, chairman of Stichting Formula Eindhoven: “We are extremely proud that these appealing people support us in our initiative and want to provide us with all their knowledge and networks in their field. This gives us a huge power boost”.

Members of the Advisory Board of The Formula Eindhoven Foundation:

  • Stef Oud (chairman Advisory Board), partner at Stanton Chase & XtraAdvice
  • Marjolein de Haas, Senior Commercial Strategy Manager at Essent
  • Kees Koolen, CEO at Koolen Industries
  • Cees Jorissen, CEO at Archipel Tax Advice
  • Marc Lensen, Head of Marketing & Communication at Renewi
  • Pieter-Christiaan van Oranje-Nassau
  • Eric Vugs, Directeur at KWS
  • Helena Lisachuk, Partner, Global leader of Internet of Things, Deloitte
  • Sander van ’t Noordende
  • Hans Erik Tuijt, Director Global Sponsorships at Heineken
  • Maarten Steinbuch, University Professor TU/e and Scientific Director Eindhoven Engine

This is what (some of) the members of the Advisory Board think of Formula Eindhoven:

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