“As a mobility partner of the Brainport Eindhoven region, we absolutely want to be at the cradle of the Formula E in Eindhoven. A great opportunity to showcase ourselves and electrification in cars & bicycles to both businesses and consumers.” Stijn van Laarhoven, financial director at the Van den Udenhout group, is confident and enthusiastic about both the event and the road towards the event. “A brand like Van den Udenhout and Audi have a strong connection with technology and design. And these are also the driving TDK forces behind the Brainport region.”

Van den Udenhout – the new dealer – is constantly looking for new ways in unburdening and mobility. This means not only an integrated approach to mobility, but also a changing interpretation of the role as a dealer. “We want to establish a permanent relationship with our customer and add experience. This year we are opening a Customer Private Lounge in the showroom, for co-creation of your new Audi, in  virtual reality. And a city store in the city centre, to make contact there too,  on- and offline. When our relationships visit the city centre, I see them parking and charging their cars at our locations on the A2. There they take a Kalkhoff e-bike to their final destination in the city centre. Bewuste choices in mobility.”

“Personally, I think it’s very nice to be a launching partner of the E-prix in Eindhoven. This is really an event that we need to get done together. The unique experience gives us an ideal topic of conversation, a great stage for our ambitions. We are part of the innovative regional network and would like to spread this. Take the CUBE, for example, a compact, beautiful charging station for both car and bicycle, which has been developed at the High Tech Campus. We participate in that product and offer it to our customers. Technology, design and knowledge(s), that’s Eindhoven.”