Traffic Service Nederland (TSNed) is all about safety and traffic flow measures. Traditionally, this would make you think of temporary traffic signs but, in an abstract sense, it’s actually about influencing mobility. And there are many ways to do this. TSNed CEO, Ralf Reuken, , is noticing that his field of work is changing, and he’s keen to lead this change. As the market leader, he believes it’s his obligation: “Noblesse Oblige,” as he put it.  

“One hundred years ago, we gave cars all the space they needed,” says Reuken. “Other road users were banished to pavements and footpaths or cycle paths. And, if things got too crowded, new roads had to be built. In the end, however, this doesn’t solve anything. That’s why, nowadays, we try to adopt a smarter approach. For example, we try to influence behaviour, by programming navigation systems. We have a dedicated team of IT staff for this. It’s all very experimental, but it’s much closer than you’d think.” 

TSNed develops products for a changing world, but still sticks to its core values of safety and traffic flow. Reuken: “By definition, these two aspects are an source of potential tension. Nobody wants delays, and nobody wants accidents. Our area of expertise arose from ensuring that road maintenance workers and road users are safe. This has gradually extended to include improving traffic flow.” 

TSNed’s characteristic yellow traffic signs will slowly but surely disappear. In the coming years, physical measures will increasingly be replaced by mobility services, which happen to also fit our name better: Traffic Service Nedeland. “We’re currently a rental company and will become a service company. We really know all about traffic measures and can test everything. We are literally becoming better at what we do every day.”  

“With this ambition, we need to be anywhere that mobility is being discussed. This also means in Brainport Eindhoven, and specifically at Formula E. If you want to play a part in shaping the future, this is the place to be. Together, we can create the ecosystem needed. And of course, this is the ultimate showcase for staff and business partners. After all, it’s becoming increasingly important to have a job in which you can make a difference.”