The best kept secret in automotive. That’s how you could call Teijin Aramid. The super-strong and feather-light synthetic fiber aramid can be found in many car parts but is rarely visible. Given that these are often competitive high-tech applications, manufacturers like to protect their ‘recipe’. In order to build on her reputation, the daughter of the Japanese Teijin Group participates in the Formula E team Envision Virgin. Now Formula Eindhoven is included as well.

Teijin Aramid is world leader in aramid and achieves half of its sales in automotive. Hendrik de Zeeuw, Senior Vice President Marketing & Sales Automotive: “We work for customers in 74 different countries and contribute to high-quality technology, from the spacecraft to Mars, to Formula 1 and Formula E. Aramids are used in nearly every car. Tires that must be able to withstand speeds of more than 200 km/h contain the fiber. Also think about cooling hoses, automatic transmissions, clutch plates and brake pads. And in electric cars: battery protection.

Why also support Formula Eindhoven? “Our headquarters are based in the Netherlands, we believe in the event and are constantly looking for partnerships in automotive. It would be very odd if we did not support this initiative. And I know from experience: it really is a happening. Moreover, the Netherlands is becoming increasingly race-minded, so we just must make it happen.

Sustainability is strongly embedded in Teijin Aramid’s strategy, both in the applications of the fiber and in its production. Aramid is used to make materials strong, safe, and light. The lower the weight, the less energy is needed. This is essential for electric cars. De Zeeuw: “Another advantage is that you can recycle aramid efficiently; we’ve been doing that for 20 years. Recently we started doing that on a chemical level as well, so that production and use become circular. We share the carbon footprint of our products with customers and thereby put words into action.”