SPIE is a multi-technical service provider in the fields of energy and communication. You can think ofeco-mobility, smart buildings, and cities. SPIE designs, produces, and maintains networking systems and installations that are needed for this. Safety is always a central theme;safety of people and data. The global player has a long history and a top 3 position in the Netherlands.

The company operated under the radar for a long time, but after 18 acquisitionsin the Netherlands, the best kept secret has emerged. Jacco Saaman, business development & innovation Director: “You might not see us much, but we work behind the scenes everywhere. In industry, in cities, at airports, in the field of energy storage and transport. We integrate systems, we purchase the technology. This means we cooperate intensively and seek for relevant networks. Looking across silos.

“Formula Eindhoven is such a network. When Jacco heard from it, he was immediately excited.”Accelerating the energy transition, generate awareness for Dutch knowledge and expertise: that’s what we stand for. Doing this in the setting of a smart city, is the perfect picture. We would like to be a part of it in get things going, build an innovative ecosystem around Formula E. A showcase for SPIE and all its partners.We may be a large, listed company, but under that roof, we operate as entrepreneurs.”