“At SAP, we are focusing on working with other technology companies in the Eindhoven region to put the South of the Netherlands even more on the international map as an innovative, smart region. We are looking for partnerships that make our future and the world a better place. People often know us from ERP, but our services extend much further and deeper into organizations. Integrated, scalable, end–to-end. That makes us unique.”

Patricia Bueters (PR Manager) and Karin Slenders (Marketing Director) on their motives to participate: “Formula-E brand values fit seamlessly with ours. Our aim is to help every customer become a best-run business: to be the best, to make a difference. We face the great challenges of our time by connecting people and information. In this way, we can scale innovation, promote equality and spread opportunities.

Formula Eindhoven’s founding partners all play their own role in the transformation. That network is already pure profit, especially if we can map out how we serve customers even better together. Finally, with this partnernip aan an an the general public, we want to show how SAP deals with innovation, technology,  experience  and  purpose. We want to tell stories. Technology  showcasing  makes abstract subjects  tangible.In addition, we sponsor the Mercedes Benz-EQ team. So yes, for us a race in Eindhoven is a very nice opportunity.”