Waste no more, reads the unseeded mission of Renewi. Waste is just a state, says marketing & communication executive Marc Lensen. It must return into the economy as a secondary raw material. In that sense, he sees the E-prix as a brilliant showcase. As far as he is concerned, the E stands not only for Electric, but also for Environment (and of course for Eindhoven).

“It is an opportunity to prove that an international event of this size is possible not only with zero emission, but also with zero waste. How cool is that? It is possible, if we take a good inventory of what is coming in and how we can re-use it. From bottle to rubber tracks on the street. We have this knowledge and skills in-house, in collaboration with our partners in Brainport Eindhoven.”

“Circularity on the track”, that’s how we reason. “We want to leave the city more beautiful than we found it. The guiding principle is the inclusion of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)’s in the mission of Formula Eindhoven. “