Rabobank is the largest sponsor of sports in the Netherlands. Usually the bank opts for relatively small-scaled participation in local communities, but Formula E nevertheless  caught the attention of Rabobank region Eindhoven. Executive Chairman Marc Cootjans: “This has everything to do with the uniqueness of this project and the wonderful fit it has with the region. It’s a very exciting idea to make this possible with each other.

As Rabobank, we want to make a gesture in this. On one hand because we are a big employer here and value an attractive city people are proud of. On the other hand, because we have expressed our ambition to be thé financial partner of the Brainport Region. These two reasons go hand in hand, because the city needs to grow in order for the economy to grow. Also in the sense of metropolitan amenities and appearance. A Formula E race right trough the city will certainly contribute to that.

We are organized as a cooperation and like to express that principle. Together you will always progress and that absolutely applies to the Brainport Region. There is a serious, solid opportunity to bring in this great sports event, as long as we work together. That’s how it’s done here: Growing a better world together.”