MOVICO sets the tone in each stage of the Tour de France. To be more precise: in every finish, because it is decorated by the company from Deurne, Brabant. High up in the mountains or in the heart of the city center, every day in a different place. That’s mobile visual communication, summed up in the company name. MOVICO has already proven itself in marketing and (cycling) sports, now it’s embracing Formula E as well.

MOVICO prefers to call its fleet of more than 60 trailers ‘transformers’, because you will experience them as a grand café, lounge club or multi-level exhibition stand. With just a few hands, you can build them into high-quality hospitality units in an hour. MOVICO takes it to a higher level: “We offer a complete package of logistical, technical and organizational support on location, so all you have to think about are your clients, guests and visitors. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere.”

Commercial director Stefan Aspers: “The dynamics are what makes it fascinating: the temporality of events, the process from concept to execution, and the international playing field.”