“We are rooted in South-East Brabant,” says Hermes/Connexxion Deputy Director Martijn Mentink. “We also feel part of Brainport Eindhoven. And we are proud of the role we play, for example in making mobility more sustainable. The first zero-emission fleet of our global parent company Transdev operates in Eindhoven. We managed to realize this in close partnership with VDL. And in a few years we want a fully zero-emission concession here. That’s still the way we’re at the forefront. It’s a big ambition, but we like that.

That’s why we like to commit to the E-prix; we recognize the urge to do something extraordinary. And we have a lot of faith in that. The region is at the forefront of innovation and mobility, now we have to scale up, with Formula E as an iconic symbol. Both for all the residents we serve, as for the business market that comes together through this event. That interaction typifies the region. And we should show our level of interaction more broadly. Tell the story.”