We are proud to present Formula Eindhoven’s new launching partner: Evoke. The technical secondment agency that fits in surprisingly well with this event, in all respects. Sustainable Technology is of paramount importance and many of their 300 professionals work in the high-tech sector in and around Brainport Eindhoven. So it’s not surprising that Evoke joins as a launching partner of Formula Eindhoven.

Evoke is fully committed to sustainable technology, the future. And Evoke loves competition. An internal credo that not only refers to their race DNA of goal-oriented speed and team performance. It also applies to the market in which the technical secondment service provider operates. This is a highly competitive market in which Evoke often wins out on expertise, their unique approach and long-term customer relationships.

But Formula E is more than just a racing metaphor for Evoke, says director Mark Verhaegh. “Everything that sustainable technology has to offer comes together in Formula E, where new materials, technologies and software for electric drives are developed at lightning speed. That innovation is also reflected in the customers where our professionals work. It also fits in well with our student teams. Take, for example, the Evoke Rally, where mechanical engineering students build their own electric vehicles and race each other. That’s Formula E in miniature. Really beautiful.

Formula Eindhoven promises to be a great event. “With Formula Eindhoven we bring the circuit to the public, in the city. Because of its urban character, the race also has a great appeal to professionals in construction and infrastructure; another important sector for Evoke. That’s why we are so looking forward to getting Formula E here.

Read more about Evoke and what they do in sustainable technology here.