“We are part of the region, so we feel a responsibility for it. Eindhoven Airport’s mission is to make this region even better. In this context, we see Formula E as a unique event where this region will have the opportunity to present itself on a global stage. Formula E contains all the ingredients that this region stands for.

Why is it an opportunity? Because everything is right: innovation, sustainability, the popularity of autosport and – who knows – an evening race in artificial light in Eindhoven. Everything the region stands for comes together in this one event. And what the Airport is committed to, because we work hard to make mobility more sustainable in a broad sense. By 2030, we want to have zero emissions with the airport operation, mainly driven by electrification. In addition, we use our influence to make aviation itself more sustainable.

We want to be the airport of Eindhoven and the region. To be a good neighbor, who thinks along. But also thinks about how an airport can offer increased value to the area, think of attracting more tourists to the region, but also how we can optimally serve expats and business passengers. Eindhoven Airport connects Brainport Eindhoven with Europe and the rest of the world and makes the region internationally accessible. If you want to be a metropolitan region, you also need to bring in exceptional events. We are committed to Glow, to the Dutch Design Week and now to Formula E. So we’re a logical part of those stories, a part of the ecosystem.”