It is no coincidence that Holla legal & tax has joined Formula Eindhoven as a legal partner. The firm has its roots in Eindhoven and is also internationally oriented: “We have no doubt about the fit with Eindhoven, with technology and innovation. The development of cars, the city race, gaming. It’s a sport of the future,” states partner Reinoud van Oeijen. “And very important: it is an international stage. Because of our alliance with the English TLT, we are increasingly looking for the international corporate playground. The partnership with Formula-Eindhoven is the perfect stage for us to show what we stand for and go for.”

Holla legal & tax has shown a steep grow in recent years. The firm offers a diverse range of specialties, including sports law. Holla legal & tax already works with BrabantSport and sports marketing agency TripleDouble, partners that are also closely involved with Formula-Eindhoven. Hence, the circle is quickly completed. But there is more. Sport has multiple meaningful metaphors for Holla legal & tax, says partner Reinoud van Oeijen. “Thinking in teams is a guiding principle for us. Because we believe in the power of teamwork, between specialisms, legal fields and especially people. You can’t win the game with eleven strikers. We like to have different opinions, characters, dialogues in our teams.”

Holla legal & tax is among the top 25 law firms in the Netherlands, recently opening an additional office in Utrecht. “We cover all legal areas, with multidisciplinary teams. We can involve a specialist in each topic. Sports law is a good example. It may involve arbitration, sponsorship contracts, but also subsidies and licenses for sports events. It concerns a wide range of subjects, and every employee who works on it has an affinity with sport. It only makes sense.”