Like Formula E, auction house Epic-Auctions has mobility rooted in its DNA. Founded in 2013, Epic is a newcomer to the auction industry. But this “Rookie” surpasses the competition lap after lap. Epic sells earthmoving, agricultural and transport machinery via the digital highway. Auction after auction, thousands of new spectators, and therefore buyers, register. And because of the overtaking maneuvers that Epic realises, they are gaining more and more fans. Customers from over 40 countries buy the goods at one of the external auctions or at the home port, which, like Formula-Eindhoven, is located in the Eindhoven region.

The ambition to eventually reach pole position continues undiminished. The speed with which Epic develops also shows in the recently purchased site of 3ha next to Breda, right beside the Belgian border and near the motorway from Rotterdam to Antwerp. With this purchase, the step for Belgian supporters to bring goods to the auction becomes very small.

Epic Auctions, remember that name, because you will hear more from it in the near future.