Copaco is an international distributor of IT products and services in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France. Its portfolio includes computers, printers, networks, mobile telephony, software and industrial and consumer electronics. In addition, Copaco offers a wide range of services in the field of servers, data storage, mobility, logistic fulfillment and cloud services.

Copaco offers high quality logistics solutions to customers, such as ICT service providers serving the business market and also companies such as retailers and onliners supplying consumers. This is an important strength of the company: ever smarter distribution through continuous innovation.

“And that is top-class sport,” says CEO Iwan Kuijpers. “Innovation & technology is just our thing. With over 400 employees, we, as a wholesaler, take care of the distribution of countless innovative brands and technologies. Our range extends from notebooks and PCs to the most complex cloud solutions you can imagine. The logistic operation around this is also offered as a service, here too we are brimming with innovation and where possible we look at the applicability of sustainable solutions.”

We employ specialists who put together technical solutions that are applied in everyday life. These specialists are involved on the one hand in putting these products and services on the market and on the other hand in implementing them in data centres, for example, and of course in keeping all these solutions running.

As a family business in Eindhoven, we would like to put ourselves more explicitly on the market as an employer in order to attract people in all kinds of different disciplines. The best part of our work is the chemistry of all knowledge and skills, which always leads to beautiful, innovative ideas. Creative people from different backgrounds are indispensable in this, which is why we are continuously searching for them. We want to make that statement, towards the city of Eindhoven and towards the world in which we operate. The Formula-E project therefore fits us like a glove”.

Work hard, play harder. It stands big in graffiti on the wall in Copaco’s gameroom, where employees test their ‘own’ gaming equipment to their heart’s content. All highly qualified professionals, who thrive in the Brabant atmosphere of the company. We are an approachable company and help each other to achieve the maximum. Do you have an idea? We challenge you to try it, regardless of your specific role or position.

We recognize a lot in sport. Copaco’s profile fits perfectly. Many suppliers, customers and partners are connected to technology, innovation and electric driving. And Formula-E in particular. We bring together technology in smart applications. We show this proposition as a partner of the event.” And not unimportantly,” says Iwan: “Formula-E is simply very cool”.