Conversational commerce, the combination of mobile customer communication and payments, is what has been working on for the last 20 years.  Of course, you can only determine this afterward because telecom has fundamentally changed during that period. Nevertheless, it is a sum of the innovation that the company has brought to the stock market since then. And from 300 to more than 600 employees worldwide, in the past year. CEO and co-founder Jeroen van Glabbeek identifies hospitality technology as his field of work. For global brands, governments, and market-leading events.

The integration of mobile customer communication (such as WhatsApp) and online payment is the sweet spot of conversational commerce. has unparalleled expertise in both fields and has therefore been a preferred supplier for large-scale communication and ticketing platforms for many years. Think of televoting in talent shows on national television. also offers its integrated solutions to increase the fan experience during the F1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix at Circuit Zandvoort ( linked its name to the circuit last year).

“The circle is almost complete” says Jeroen.’s smart customer data platform allows companies to better understand their customers’ needs based on their customer data. This is essential for customers that want to use personalized marketing and communication. Traditional campaigns aimed at a broad target audience don’t work on mobile devices – it needs to be personalized and relevant. Jeroen: “If I lose my suitcase at an airport, a robot will be more useful to me than a person. But if I have an accident with the car, I do want human contact.”

Formula-Eindhoven immediately had’s sympathy: “It is an exciting challenge to do what is thought to be impossible. We fully embrace and support this initiative because we see many great opportunities in it. We are originally a technology company from Brabant and believe in the Brainport concept. And everything with an ‘e’ in front of it (or in this case after it) has our interest. We surf on that wave too of course. If an event helps us explain our story, we’re happy to help make it a huge success.”