Since the start of our mission to organize a Formula E race in Eindhoven, it has been our ambition to tell a story that is more than just the race.

The core values and the message of Formula E itself are also greater than any race result. Focus is on the development of clean mobility (electric vehicles), safety in traffic and attention to the need for innovation for a better future for all. That is why we want to use this sports event as a driver and source of inspiration for innovation and sustainability.

We are well aware that we cannot achieve new awareness and behaviour with this race alone. To take concrete steps in ‘reinventing our lives’, more is needed. Inspiration and activation all year round. Social impact programs that make sustainability accessible and attractive. Collaborations with partners who can make our society more sustainable faster.

From the innovation heart of Western Europe, Brainport Eindhoven, we develop a platform in which parties (from business to government to education and citizens) work together with one common goal: to make our lives more sustainable faster. Innovation in mobility, sustainable technology and smart city technology are central to this.

The way we work, live and move around has to change. And above all, we have to do that together. That’s what we call:!