Formula Eindhoven Foundation has expanded the bid team!

Formula-Eindhoven Foundation has expanded the bid team!

The mission to organize a Formula-E race in Eindhoven has more to offer than just the race. It’s the social challenges of the Netherlands, and Eindhoven in particular, that will be given a central place. Social challenges with themes that have a perfect fit within Formula E.  That is why the bid team has expanded with More2Win! They will be responsible for mapping out these social challenges and their link with Formula-Eindhoven in a plan.

“We are looking for the best way to highlight the social impact of this event for the region.” Chairman Peter-Paul Laumans explains. “The Formula-Eindhoven Foundation has the ambition to serve as a platform in the upcoming years and to use the event of the Formula E race to address the social challenges concerning future-proof living, travelling and working.”

More2Win has proven itself in this field in recent years and sees the Formula E initiative as a real booster of new sustainable and innovative projects and as a connector of existing initiatives in the region. Founder Tim van Dooren: “It is our mission to increase the social impact of sports and sporting events. We started with this in 2014 with the World Cup in Brazil and have proven it’s positive value in countless places. It is great to be able to contribute to such a big event on our own soil and in our own region.”

What’s next?
In close cooperation with the organizing bid team and with support of the launching partners, initiators Peter-Paul Laumans, Berry van Nes and Ed Winters will do their utmost in the coming months to present the winning, innovative and creative bid: “With the Dutch E-Prix we will not only put the Brainport and regional companies on the map; this will be of significant value for the whole of the Netherlands.”