Brainport Eindhoven is Europe’s top technology region. The European Commission has even named Eindhoven ‘the most innovative city in the EU’. Reaching this top has been hard work. Staying at the top requires constant attention and even more hard work. Being known and loved by a global audience is important to keep this pole position.

Formula E and the Brainport region Eindhoven therefore seem to be a perfect match. Formula E is the racing class of the future and is the embodiment of Technology, Innovation and Sustainability. Values ​​that correspond 100% with Brainport Eindhoven. The connection with Helmond as a region for “Smart Mobility” is also unique. Nowhere else in Europe is there a place with such a perfect fit with this internationally growing motor sport event.

In order to promote the Brainport region Eindhoven globally and attractively, a mission has been started to bring a Formula E race to Eindhoven. This mission is more than just a race. A wide range of complementary activities and campaigns will be offered to let the world know that this is the place to be: The top of technology and mobility.

Technology companies and technology talents will know that in the Brainport region Eindhoven, technology is a large, growing and flourishing industry.

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Since the start of our mission to organize a Formula E race in Eindhoven, it has been our ambition to tell a story that is more than just the race. The core values and the message of Formula E itself are also greater than any race result. Focus is on the development of clean mobility (electric vehicles), safety in traffic and attention to the need for innovation for a better future for all. That is why we want to use this sports event as a driver and source of inspiration for innovation and sustainability. Read all about here!


Eindhoven is an exciting and ambitious city that offers an important contribution in creative innovation and production. Eindhoven is the city of technology, design and knowledge, but above all: it is thé city where these three core values come to life.

It is these crossovers that give Eindhoven its energetic dynamics. The city is the heart of the Brainport region, known for its high-tech production and development ecosystem with global impact and results. Innovation is the driving force!




Willem Loos

Partner en boardmember van 360 Experience group, brands which create memorable event- and entertainment experiences.

Berry van Nes

Owner of Content Marketing agency gr8 Specialized in marketing and storytelling with a prominent role for sport.

Ed Winters

Social entrepreneur and director. Ambassador of Eindhoven. Is concerned with everything that is good for the region. Commercial and marketing specialist.

Peter-Paul Laumans

Entrepreneur in the online industry with a preference for technological innovation and (auto) sport. Initiator of innovation platform Marketing pioneers.